Founded in 1997, Zhengzou, Synear Food Co Ltd is one of the largest Chinese frozen food production companies in China, making over 300 frozen products under 6 categories.

Synear is China's top 500 most valuable brands (Source: World Brand Lab) and honored to be the exclusive supplier of frozen food for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Synear is a leader of Food Safety in China with Certifications in ISO9001, ISO22000 and approved by FDA and BRC.

Synear's products are selling in more than 40 countries all over the world. The US facility was established in 2015 in Chatsworth, California. It is the first Chinese well-known frozen food brand to have a manufacturing presence in the United States.

Check your local Chinese Food Store for our products, or contact us directly to become a wholesale or retail partner.

What Makes our Dumplings Special ?

  • Authentic Recipes
    Authentic Recipes

    Traditional gourmet recipe made with as many locally sourced ingredients as possible, and Chinese seasonings for an authentic hometown taste.

  • Pure Ingredients
    Pure Ingredients

    Nothing tastes better than fresh vegetables. Our manufacturing process make sure that ingredients are delivered just-on-time for production creating best quality dumplings for our consumers.


    Our food safety and product quality culture is second to none. Our facility in United States has an on-site USDA inspector and SQF Level 3 certification in Food Safety Code for Manufacturing and Quality.

  • delicious and nourishing
    delicious and nourishing

    We are dedicated to presenting not only authentic Chinese recipes but the most nutritious foods to families around the globe - great as a meal, side dish or even as after-school snack.

brand mission

Synear Foods Usa

中华美食现代化 · 世界美食本土化 · 企业发展共享化 · 顾客满意思念化

Modernization of Chinese cuisine, localization of world cuisine, sharing of corporate development, and achieving customer satisfaction.



Dumpling is one of the 10 most popular foods Asians eat for breakfast. Serve your Dumpling Noodle Soup with Synear Juicy dumplings (灌汤水饺) for a delicious and healthy breakfast.


Dim Sum is a Southern China style of breakfast customarily enjoyed on weekend mornings. Synear Gold Label Soup dumpling (金牌小笼包) is typically steamed and served in wooden steamer baskets to add variety to your Morning Tea.


Pack lunches can be prepared with dumplings ahead of time. Synear Juicy, Supreme Shrimp, and Shouda Dumplings (灌汤水饺; 金牌虾水饺; 手打水饺) can be served over rice or noodles to make a simple and satisfying warm lunch at work.


Synear dumplings are chock-full of veggies and meat wrapped in thin-skinned dough wrappers. They are literally light and satisfying little bites, making them perfect for eating on-the-go.


Chinese dumplings are quite versatile. Serve up as an appetizer, or as a quick nutritious family-style dinner dish for the weeknights. Boiled or pan-fried, creatively toss them with your favorite sauce and garnish with green onions, sesame seeds, or red pepper flakes for a tastier look. 


Have a pack of Synear dumplings always ready in your home for those emergency hungry moments. For mid-night study cravings or people working late night shifts – dumplings are filling, nutritious and delicious. 

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